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The Ice cream mans-a-coming!

When I was a child in the 1960s, the ice cream man from the wonderful Tony Brothers ice cream shop in Acton, West London came about every 2 weeks to our area. You would hear the pretty tinkling music of the ice cream van in the next street, and all of us children would run out onto our street, watching and waiting for him to come-by.

Sometimes he would miss our street out, and go to the next one along, and we would all run after him screaming, following the sounds of the musical ice cream van, arriving out of breath and just in time to join the back of the long queue of children for our Gelato cones, Bunny Ears, or Ice cream wafer sandwich

When we saw this old ice cream van door in a junk yard in Aberystwyth, it brought it all back, and we couldn’t resist it.

So, like it says on the door…It is going to be our cold drinks fridge, at the beach house

Cannot wait to use it!

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